Smart Bridge
For Players

For most of us, the first things we do at the start of every board is to make sure we have the correct board and that it is orientated correctly on the table. We then remove our cards from the plastic board holder, count them and sort them into some sort of order.

With Smart Bridge this is all done for you.

No more:

– Handling and touching cards, scoring devices, boards, bidding pads/ boxes during sessions.
– Sorting and counting your cards
– Insufficient bids, revoking, playing out of turn, leading from the wrong hand
– Distractions and errors on scoring devices
– Calling the director for all or any of the above
– Complicated passing and sharing boards between tables
– Poorly written/ hard to read bids
– Incorrect information being entered or ‘verifying’ on the on-table scorer
– Trying to follow complicated movements around the room

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