Smart Bridge
For Clubs

Smart Bridge can be configured to work with most bridge session management software systems which truly brings duplicate bridge into the 21st century.

Smart Bridge does not require the use of additional bridge scoring systems and hardware like other digital scoring devices to operate.

However not all bridge club members will warm to Smart Bridge technology immediately. As well as having separate Smart Bridge sessions, clubs can use Smart Bridge in parallel with other systems as a ‘section’ within any bridge session.

Smart Bridge is probably more affordable than you think. In fact, by eliminating all the traditional bridge club paraphernalia and associated costs, Smart Bridge goes a long way to covering its costs.

But the real value lies in the time savings that come with using Smart Bridge –

  • No more hours spend generating boards on the dealing machine
  • No more card washing (or replacement)
  • No more time wasted on complicated movements of boards/ board sharing around the room.
  • No more requirement for ‘caddies’ or board sharing during congresses.

“Director Please!”

The vast majority – probably in excess of 90% of director calls – during a regular bridge session are due to

  • insufficient bidding,
  • leading out of turn,
  • playing out of turn (hand instead of dummy), and
  • revoking.

Directors are also called regularly to fix incorrect score entries such as wrong number of tricks, incorrectly ‘verified’ scores and doubles not being entered into the on-table scoring system.

All these issues disappear with Smart Bridge. Not only does this make life much easier directors, but it also causes far fewer disruptions during sessions.

Monitor Your Progress

Score and position are visible on the side bar of the tablets so you can monitor your progress through the session. Compare your score against other pairs at the end of each round.

Built in Clock

Smart Bridge has a built in clock system that is controlled by the session director with time warnings where pairs are falling behind on the allowable time for each round.

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