The Future of Duplicate Bridge

Smart Bridge takes the best of digital technology and combines it with all the great things about playing at your bridge club.

Bridge Club Environment

We all love playing at our local bridge club. Smart Bridge is NOT and ‘online’ bridge program. Smart Bridge allows players to interact and enjoy duplicate bridge exactly as you do now.

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Bridge Made Easy for Clubs

Smart Bridge makes clubs and directors’ roles so much easier!

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Learning and Teaching with Smart Bridge

Learning bridge on Smart Bridge is the future and will attract a new generation of players.

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A New Way to Play Duplicate Bridge

Smart Bridge connects to your normal session management software. Once you have set up the movement process, players will simply enter their club/ ABF number, table number and position at the table. Bidding, playing, results and movement are all features of the Smart Bridge program, and let the game begin!
We all love a good post mortem and analysis. Because every board you play is stored on the Smart Bridge database, you will get access, through the Smart Bridge web application, to unprecedented review analysis and statistics.
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The Smart Bridge Revolution

High quality 10” WiFi enabled Android ™ touch screen tablets replace the need for cards, boards, bidding pads and scoring devices. The tablets are standardised and preloaded with the required Smart Bridge Software. Players will not have to provide their own tablets.

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Covid – 19 Update

As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, our communities will slowly to return to normality. However, bridge clubs pose an elevated threat through:
– the vulnerability of their members,
– lack of social distancing at tables, and
– risk of transmission through cards, boards etc.
Returning to ‘normal’ – using standard sized tables, cards and boards – will take many months if not years. Playing online bridge is a great alternative, but club members want to get back to playing at their club as quickly and safely as possible.
Smart Bridge will allow faster and safer return for clubs. Numbers may be restricted, but clubs using Smart Bridge will be able to open up immediately:
– No transmission risk through touching or handling cards, scoring devices, boards or bidding pads/ boxes.
– Stylus pens are recommended to prevent any risk of transmission through sharing of touch screens.
– Smart bridge allows clubs to social-distance by using larger tables.
– Smart Bridge sessions are designed to be shorter and quicker than traditional club sessions. Restricted numbers in clubs may be offset by running multiple sessions per day with smaller groups and larger, socially distanced tables.
Contact us today for a demo at your club.
Playing Bridge on a tablet
Group of man and woman playing bridge on tablet
Group fo four men and women playing bridge on tablet

No More: Insufficient bids, Playing out of Turn, Revoking, Score ‘Verification’ errors